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About COS 3

COS 3 is pure rich source of Omega 3 Fatty Acids procured from the coastline of Peru which is rich in EPA and DHA. With added advantage of Vitamin D3 and yummy flavor of mango, COS 3 is a favourite among kids! It helps in brain and IQ development (of children) from an early age which is essential.

Improves learning and memory functions
Regulates neurocognitive development and subsequent performance
Evidence suggests that better cognitive, learning, and behavioral outcomes can be achieved


I have prescribed COS 3 to my few patients of age group between 5 to 7 years with ASD & learning disorders. I have found that the results were satisfactory when given for 3 months.
Dr Sunil Gupta
MD(Paed), Head & Senior Child Specialist, Saroj Hospital-Rohini, New Delhi


COS 3 is a good product. I am prescribing it to children with speech delay & behavior problems.Results are good when it is with combination with other medication & behavior therapy.
Dr Nirupama Tyagi
MD(Paed),PGPN (USA)Child Specialist & Neonatologist-Perfect Tyagi Hospital, New Delhi


I am Unika, banker by profession working at Mumbai. I have a 10 years old daughter. She used to have very low concentration in studies. Her attention span was also very less which made it difficult for her to focus in school. Luckily I was recommended by one of my friend to use COS 3.My daughter has been taking COS 3 for last 6 months and the results are really good. Her teachers also noticed improvement in grades. Now her concentration is improving and doing great in school. Will recommend COS 3 for all growing kids.
Unika Priyadarshini
Chief Manager, SBI, Mumbai


Omega -3 fatty acids are beneficial for kids brain health.COS 3 is a good nutraceutical product.The taste is palatable & packing is good as it is available in glass bottle.
Dr Dibendu Mandal
Berhampur, West Bengal


Cos3 is very good product and I am using it for ADHD, behaviour problem,speech delay,cognitive disorders. After 3 months of course with other therapies results are positive.
Dr Parag Gaikwad
Olive Clinic, Katraj, Pune

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