What you can do for your child’s brain development during the lockdown

Things you can do for a child’s brain development during the lockdown

 The world has come to a pause, and everyone is affected differently. For children, it has been the most challenging, especially the toddlers who need to go outdoors and play in their growing years. Next, is the school going kids who are confined to their home to study on a laptop screen for long hours. This will not only affect their eyesight in the long run but also make them physically weak as their movement is restricted. Additionally, with such less social interactions, they may develop anxieties which may surface later. All this is interconnected with a child’s brain development. So here are somethings that you can do to maintain and improve your child’s brain growth during the lockdown:

  • Right nutrition: Ensure that your child is getting balanced and nutritious food. Avoid all junk food. Introduce Omega-3 fatty acids as they have DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid), the essential fatty acids that boost cognitive abilities in the children. If your food doesn’t have enough of these Omega-3 fatty acids, then take it externally in the form of capsules or syrup. Encourage your kids to have nuts and fruits; which keeps the body lightweight and the mind calm supporting overall brain growth.
  • Exercise: Find fun and easy to do exercises for your kids at home. This should make up for lack of workout when they play. You can set out a time to work out each day in which the whole family follows a routine and exercises together.
  • Talk: Take some time out away from all the devices and tasks to sit and converse with your child. Talk to them, connect with them beyond their daily routine things. Converse with them about plants, weather, stars or listen to them as they share their heart. Don’t think about the benefit of this conversation, just enjoy. Such connection helps the brain remains healthy and break habitual thinking patterns.
  • Read and discuss: Read the news with your child, skip watching the video and audio news filled with everyone’s opinion. Reading the news with your child can be therapeutic for you and your child. Allow them to ask questions and answer them truthfully without magnifying any unquestioned fears.

These simple things may not look like much, but when you actually make them a part of your life you will see your children will come out much more stable with enhanced cognitive functioning.

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