Toxic air is affecting your child's brain health and what you can do about it

UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) released a study earlier this year warning that about 17 million babies across the world (about 12 million in South Asia alone) are breathing toxic air which is risking their brain development. According to this report, young students leaving in traffic-related areas or even have schools in such areas consistently delivered a bad performance in their cognitive tests, could develop behavioural disorders and attention deficiency in some.

For India, it is a huge wakeup call especially for the kids in cities and towns which make for most of the population. What can seem like a normal living for most; is having an adverse effect on your child’s brain development, and its results would be seen in the longer run. Recent pandemic has also shown the whole world hos it feels to live in a pollution-free environment and its benefit on overall health.

While reducing pollution is a huge exercise for whole humanity for ensuring your child has right brain development is something in your hand as a parent. One of the easiest ways to do this is to introduce Omega 3 supplement in your child’s routine. The Fatty acids in Omega 3 supports your child’s brain development and enhances cognitive skills. In addition, make sure your children eat well, exercise regularly, engage with other kids and have a good social support system for a holistic approach.


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