Positive Side of Lockdown for Kids

It is true that lockdown has been hard for the children and parents have to get creative to make things easier for them. However, this lockdown has brought many positive things in their lives as well. We are sure some parents have noticed positive impact of lockdown on kids. However, if you haven't, then let's take you through some aspects to show how lockdown has been good for the child's emotional health and mental wellbeing:


  • Quality family time: Many kids with working parents wish to spend more time with their parents, and the lockdown has made it possible. All the children have a chance to spend quality time with their family by doing different house activities together, playing or simply talking. Inspite of the busy schedules, children had a chance to be pampered by their parents and parents got a chance to strengthen their connection with kids.
  • Self- paced learning: With no restrictions on going to school at a certain time; children can easily adapt self-paced learning. A flexible timetable can be established, and subjects can be chosen as per your child's pace. Such a healthy way of learning, which is free of peer pressure and strict deadlines, can make a child's mind more receptive.
  • Tapping in Inner Creativity: Did you get your kids to paint without giving any specific instructions and see what came from their beautiful hearts? Encourage them to sing and dance without yourself being a judge but being more support and guide. Look out for your child’s creative potential and shape them. It's creativity that brings peace of mind.
  • Getting comfortable with rules: Often, kids feel that they are singled out and are not allowed to do things which others can. However, the lockdown has shown them that even the adults have to follow the same rules, for example staying indoors, wearing masks, etc.


Did you notice any other positive effect of lockdown on kids? If so, do share with us. For maintaining mental wellbeing of your child during such times, it is important to give them regular doses of omega-3 fatty acids that enhance their cognitive development.

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