Parenting tips for your child's emotional health during the lockdown

Lockdown due to the pandemic has been very hard for children. They had to learn to stay indoors without meeting their friends or going out to play or going to school can be tough for their emotional and mental wellbeing. Watching parents being busy and stressed can easily transfer that anxiety into them. It may not be evident in every child, but they are definitely absorbing all the new rules, the stress in the environment and panic from the news channels. As a parent, it is important that you reassure your child and give them a healthy environment. Here are some tips on child's emotional health and mental health support during this time:

  • Be Honest: Share with your child about what is happening around, without the details, especially the negative news. In total neutrality, share with your child facts about the pandemic and impact, it has on your life; so that they can better understand and willingly follow the new rules. Encourage them to ask questions, so all their doubts are at rest.
  • Share Positive News: Talk about the precautions that government is taking to curb the spread; the stage at which vaccine is being developed; how the earth has started healing; etc. This will teach your kids to find positive in every situation and take off the dragging load of bad news. This is essential for good mental health in children.
  • Connect via video: It is important that your child doesn't feel isolated and hence, ensure that they connect with their favourite family members and friends regularly via video calls. Children like to interact lively; just a voice call may not satiate their sense of connection. So, help the connecting via video will keep their emotional bond well connected.
  • Establish a routine: Routines help make life flow easier. Set a routine for your child, so they have less time to ponder about these worrying matters. Mix it with learning, fun, play and rest time. Also, add a little time where you will be with them fully away from any devices. You can read a storybook or sing songs or talk or look at the night sky together.

So try these simple tips during the lockdown, which will help in your child's mental health. For consistent mental wellbeing and cognitive development give your child Omega 3 fatty acids regularly.

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