Observe your child's innate skills and enhance them

Every child is special, and every child is born with some innate skills which, when nurtured can become a blueprint of a successful future. As a parent or caregiver, it is your responsibility to recognize these skills and give them the right support to flourish from early on. When you look at the young entrepreneurs, scientists, musicians, sportsmen or any successful name it becomes clear that their parents gave their talents priority over the traditional learning only.

 From an early age, the child shows what it loves and what it doesn’t. Does your child respond to colours more happily than to sounds? What time of the day is he or she most active and happy? How does the baby solve its problems- like getting to a toy, let you know it is hungry, etc? Does he or she imitate the dance moves? How does it respond to different individuals? When you start tuning in to these little things, you will already see the signs of what your child has an innate gift from nature which can be nurtured.

 Then it is your responsibility to open up avenues to help your baby to choose what he or she likes and sharpen the skills there. Of course, your child will have many interests and may outgrow somethings but there would be a solid grounding on which all this stands. When you nurture their innate skills, they can survive and thrive in any industry or idea as they move from freedom and not from the terror of getting ahead of the competition. Write to us, what are the signs you see your child is showing early on?

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