IQ and EQ play an essential role in your child's growth

Even today child’s intellectual and emotional health is not given the importance that it deserves and needs. In the society that is so focused on just the physical wellbeing and looks; one doesn’t realise that mental and emotional development of a child is hampered. As we notice, many young adults are committing suicide or are going through depression over the smallest of life struggle. One of the factors is weak brain development and improper support system.

 If you focus on your child’s mental and emotional wellbeing along with physical wellbeing from early years, you would have a grown-up adult that is independent, confident, successful and balanced against all hardships and celebrations of life. Most of child’s brain is developed within first 5 years. If during this time, he is not given the space to discover and develop his own strength, then we already see the results in today’s world.

 Hence, keep an eye on your child’s intelligent and emotional quotient. Speak to the doctors, psychologists or read about this from trusted online sources. Give your child a fertile ground to develop his or her IQ and EQ. With the world becoming more and more competitive, it is important to give a grounded and balance kick start to your precious kid; so he or she can thrive without any fear or worry.


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    Ashish Bajpai

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