Important milestones in baby’s brain development over the years

Early childhood is undoubtedly the most important time for brain development. Psychologist and neuroscientists, over the years, have confirmed that in the first five years human mind does most of the learning which sets the stage for brain development in further years. Here some of the important milestones’ that parents should look out for in child’s brain development in the early years:

  • At birth, the baby has limited field of vision and hence, when it learns to focus and move the vision with the object; it is an important milestone. Also, about this time, baby starts recognizing familiar faces like mom, dad, siblings and responds to them.
  • Baby starts turning over and attempting to move physically. It’s time it also discovers its hands and limbs. It is a crucial milestone because it here that it learns the sense of physical distinction.
  • Gets curious about the person in the mirror! It takes some time for the baby to realise that the one in the mirror is himself or herself before that it feels there is another baby with whom he or she would like to play.
  • Holds and transfers toys. This is a good sign of total coordination between mind and body.
  • When the baby begins to repeat words or names or even sing the tune that it is exposed to regularly. This is crucial because now the baby id developing focus and intention of repeating what it is absorbing in the environment.
  • To help your child grow firmly at every milestone you need to include Omega 3 in their diet. These fatty acids help in enhancing cognitive functioning which is essential at the initial stage of their life.

A child’s life has many essential milestones that a parent or caregiver should keep an eye on and in the coming blog posts, we would discuss them.

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